3 Things You Should Know Before Unlocking Your Phone


Mobile phones are often locked to the network from which the carrier is purchased. This ensures that the handset works only with that service provider and nobody else. To switch to another service provider, you will have to enter a software unlock code. These codes can be sought from the carrier, provided you have fulfilled their conditions. Or, you may contact internet based phone unlocking sites like CellPhoneUnlock.net. But before you call us, here are three things you should know:

• The Network You’re Trying To Use On The Unlocked Phone Should Be A GSM Carrier:

Some service providers like Sprint and Verizon phones use CDMA technology. These aren’t compatible with GSM networks. CDMA phones do not have a SIM card; the phone has to be reprogrammed to be unlocked. But with GSM phones, all you need is an unlock code to swap SIM cards and switch service providers. CDMA phones have to be reprogrammed for the new network, every time you switch service providers, But GSM phones can be unlocked permanently. They are not affected by factory updates as well.

• Getting Your Phone Unlocked Through The Service Provider Isn’t An Easy Process:

You will have to meet conditions set by the network carrier. You should be out of the contract period, paid for the phone in full, and maintain a good payment record. And if you meet their conditions, it should ideally take 24 to 48 hours for the phone to be unlocked. But the actual wait time can be long. It could take up to a week for the entire process to be completed on time. Call us if you’re looking for Samsung codes online. Send us the IMEI number, make and model of the phone, and we’ll send the unlock code within 2 minutes!

• Unlocking Your Phone Can Save You A Lot Of Headaches:

Using a SIM locked phone while traveling outside the country can be expensive. Most network carriers charge exorbitant roaming rates. You do not have the freedom to change payment plans as well. But unlocking your phone makes life easy; buy a local SIM from the country you’re traveling and save money. You are free to choose a service provider or payment plan that suits your budget. Do you have an unresolved issue with the service provider? Are you unhappy with the service provider’s customer service team? You don’t have to put up any of these problems while using an unlocked phone.

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CellPhoneUnlock.net is an internet phone unlocking website. Visit the website to know how to unlock a Samsung phone.


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