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5 Places You Should Visit In Egypt


Egypt is the home of ancient memories and mysteries; the land of Pharaohs and the pyramids, the land of marvels, and a country where Alexander, Julius Caesar, and later Napoleon conquered. But the country isn’t only about historic treasures. With vast deserts, surreal beach getaways, and the famed Nile River, Egypt is a nature lover’s paradise. Here are five places you should visit in Egypt:

• Great Pyramid:

Egypt is home to two of the seven ancient wonders of the world. One of these is the pyramids of Giza. Built as tombs for pharaohs and their queens, these mighty structures were filled with precious metals, stones, sacrificial items, and other artifacts that the Egyptian people believed their King would need in the ethereal world. Of these, the Great Pyramid aka the Pyramid of Khufu is the oldest and the largest of all. If you are traveling to Giza, remember to book a room that offers a close view of the Great Pyramid. And if Dave Dunlop of the Maritime Explorer is to be believed, the Mena House is the closest of all.

• The White Desert:

Walking across the White Desert on a starry night, it is easier to imagine what it would feel like to walk on the surface of the moon. The landscape around the area seems straight out a sci-fi movie; it is a popular tourist destination for those who have had their fill of tombs and temples. Don’t miss your chance of an overnight camping experience or a safari trip to this desert.

• Alexandria:

The ancient city of Alexandria was built by Alexander the Great. The atmosphere and culture around the place are more Mediterranean rather than Middle Eastern; no wonder it is called the Pearl of the Mediterranean. The city is home to the second ancient seven wonders of the world – the Pharos. The legendary lighthouse was for some centuries, the tallest human-made structure in the world. This is a perfect place for some soul searching and aimless strolling across the seashore.

• St. Catherine’s Monastery:

St. Catherine’s Monastery is built on the foothills of Mount Sinai, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. This monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is named after St. Catherine who was tortured and beheaded for her faith. If you’re planning to visit this place, remember that it is a functioning monastery; you will be expected to dress conservatively.

• Abu Simbel:

The twin Temples of Ramses II at Abu Simbel is dedicated to the sun gods Amon-Re and Re-Horakhty. The temple was carved out of mountains during the reign of Ramses II to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh.

Author Bio :

The Author loves Egypt! He had traveled across the length and breadth of the country chronicling his experiences while visiting monuments like the Great Pyramid.



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