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5 Tips To Buy Flowers That Impress Without Breaking The Budget


Flowers sure make everyone smile and are a worthy gift for every occasion. Impress your future mother –in –law when meeting her for the first time, with some flowers, or say sorry to your girlfriend with a bouquet and some chocolates. Buying flowers are, however, an overwhelming experience – especially if you know nothing about flowers. Here are five tips to help you:

• When buying a bouquet for your girlfriend, know her favourite flowers:

Or, at least her favourite colours! It is so much more thoughtful than buying a generic bouquet. And if you’re lucky, it’s budget friendly as well. You don’t have to spend on expensive orchids or tulips when all she loves is peonies. Besides, it makes the job easy for us.

• First date? Roses aren’t a good idea:

Roses are not only expensive; they signify intense emotions. A single rose isn’t a bad choice, though. The safest bet would be to buy flowers that are in season. Speak to our florists in Aberdeen if you’d like us to help you with some ideas.

• Flowers for a client:

Has your client achieved a professional milestone? Send them a congratulatory bouquet, and they’re sure to be impressed. But make sure you don’t send them a specific type of flower that conveys a particular meaning. For example, petunias, some believe, signify resentment. The safest bet is to send them a potted plant; they’re easy to manage. And if it is for a group, remember to include things everyone can enjoy, viz. chocolates, cheese, and crackers.

• Flowers to express sympathy:

If someone you know has lost a loved one, sympathy flowers are a kind gesture to show respect and support. Note that they’re different from funeral flowers. While the later are large and usually sent directly to the funeral (or church), sympathy flowers are small and sent to the grieving person’s home. Speak to our Aberdeen flower delivery staff if you’d like one to be sent to someone you know.

• But flowers that are in season:

Buy flowers that are in season. They’re the freshest and hence the most affordable you can buy. Peonies, for example, are available all year round and are hence budget friendly. But we don’t recommend buying flowers from a petrol station or the local supermarket, only to save a few pounds. They’re imported months in advance and put in cold storage, which is why they’re cheap.

Author Bio : Four Seasons are the best florists in Aberdeen. They’ve been offering a huge range of floral arrangements for every occasion and more for over four decades.



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