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Binary Options Cannot Make You A Millionaire In A Month


Binary options is an excellent trading instrument that’s sadly misunderstood, especially by those who could benefit out of it the most. There are plenty of scammers preying on small investors with the promise that binary trading could help them win millions of dollars within a short span. At Options Hill, we’re very careful about making such fantastic propositions to traders.  Here’s why you shouldn’t look at options trading as the shortest route to becoming a millionaire:

The payout is fixed:

Binary options is a simple trading instrument that uses price fluctuations in the market. When traders expect prices to go up, the wager a call, and when they expect prices to fall, they wager a put. While you stand to lose your investment if the prediction is wrong, brokers will pay only a predetermined amount if you’ve predicted it correctly. Unlike the share market, you cannot expect windfall gains.

It takes more than instincts to predict price fluctuations:

Binary options traders have spent several years in understanding the market to help them make near accurate predictions. To reduce it to the level of a bet based on instincts is pure ignorance. True, we offer several user tools to help with trading, but they do not compensate for experience.

Binary trading is not gambling:

While it may seem that binary trading is another form of gambling, the truth is far from it. Traders do not bet away hundreds of dollars on a whim, which is the case with gambling.

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