Everything You Need To Know About House Call Doctor Services


In the early 1960s, people called doctors to treat illnesses right at home. These physicians, carrying their iconic black bags, would arrive at patients’ doorsteps, ready to serve. But with advancements in medical technology house call doctors all but disappeared. Not many people today have their family doctors on speed dial and instead visit doctors for regular medical checkups.

But this has led to other problems. Most leading healthcare facilities force patients to wait for long hours to be seen by a doctor, even when they are in urgent need of medical care. Hospitals also charge more for services received in the crowded emergency wards of their facilities.

Enter house call doctors. We provide 24/7 affordable and extensive care for patients in their homes. Below are few things you should know about house call doctors in modern times.

How To Find Quality House Call Doctors?

There are a lot of companies offering the service, but make sure to choose a credible house call doctor service. Ask for referrals from friends, family, and other customers. A quick way to do this is by reading reviews on the company’s website and on other sites like Yelp.com

How Are House Call Doctors More Beneficial Than Visiting Hospitals?

There are so many advantages in having a house call doctor come to you over traveling to visit your doctor. Below are a few.

• The wait is over. You don’t have to worry about sitting for hours in a waiting room.

• House call doctors are considerate of patients who are homebound or who are too sick to travel.

• Provides one-on-one treatment

• Ensures complete privacy and confidentiality

• Services are fast, affordable, and available 24/7 – holidays, too!

• Fosters healthy doctor-patient relationships that are stress-free and unrushed.

• Services are rendered by highly qualified, world-renowned physicians.

What Kind Of Services Do House Call Doctors Provide?

General practitioners, pediatricians, geriatricians and other medical health care professionals make up a team of house call doctors. They conduct in-house tests and medical checkups. Their medical kits include a stethoscope, nebulizer, antibiotics and other medicines, including vaccines. They perform medical tests like rapid strep and influenza, and tests for pregnancy and urinary tract infections. They do blood work, X-rays, EKGs, and ultrasounds – all right in your home – serving patients of all ages from infants to adults. They counsel mental disorders and treat physical and psychological disabilities.

Do Doctors On House Calls Have Any Limitations?

Every service has its pros and cons. In some cases, geographical barriers can prevent a house call doctor from visiting you.

Can one hire a doctor-on-call service without being ill?

Doctors on house call also provide preventive treatment to patients. While primary care doctors focus more on treating illnesses, home call doctors understand the importance of maintaining health, too.

Doctors making house calls is the new medical trend of the 21st century.

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Prestige House Call Doctors offer 24/7 quality treatment that’s affordable. Call 1 (855) 600-7623 to bring world-class doctors to your doorstep for exceptional care.


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