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The Hazards of Self-Medication


When visiting a doctor seems like a hassle, people often tend to look for cure over the internet, or even use non-prescription medicines to treat symptoms and ailments. The practice of regularly using prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs, without discussing symptoms with a medical doctor can lead to disastrous consequences that are just not worth the risks.


An individual who tries to treat his or her symptoms on his own may do so for reasons depending on the situation. Some may want to hide their current condition from others, or it can be an attempt to bypass the cost of seeing a doctor. Personal fears associated with a medical diagnosis can also be a major factor in self-medication.


• Wrong diagnosis: A patient who avoids consulting the doctor may misdiagnose a condition. This can lead to incorrect medication causing the harmful effects on the body. Apart from this, self-medication can also mask the symptoms of a severe condition, thus delaying the medical attention it needs. The possibility of taking the wrong route for medicine as well as incorrect drug dosages are significant risks an individual might take when self-medicating.

• Drug interactions: Some medications when combined with certain drugs can cause harmful effects. Without proper supervision from a medical expert, taking medications can lead to harmful drug interactions resulting in legal costs or serious health concerns.

• Abuse and Addiction: Self-medication, even for minor ailments, comes with its adverse side effects and repercussions leading to medical complications. Many of the potent drugs sold over-the-counter, including pain relievers, cough syrups, anti-allergies, laxatives, antibiotics, antacids, and vitamins if used regularly and taken in increased quantities, can cause allergy, habituation, and even addiction. Physical dependence on medicines is probably one of the more severe health implications of self-medication.

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