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Importance of Adult Vaccination


Immunization does not stop upon one becoming an adult but rather it continues throughout the life of an individual. The difference between the immunization of infants and children and that of adults comes about in terms of frequency and the dosage of the vaccine being administrated. Therefore vaccination or immunization is as important for adults as it is for children.

Adults need to visit a doctor, pharmacist or any other licensed medical practitioner to consult on the type of immunization they should receive as well as its frequency depending on the immunity of their bodies.

There are various reasons as to why adult vaccinations or immunization is important and this article seeks to give a deeper look into this.

(1)When traveling:

This is usually the case especially when one is traveling to foreign countries where the climate or the weather is different from that of the home country. A good example of a vaccine administered to adults on travels is the yellow vaccine especially for those traveling to the sub-Saharan Africa as well as some parts of tropical South America. This helps prevent contraction of diseases.

(2)To boost immunity:

Adults may no longer be protected by the vaccines administered to them while they were kids. They may no longer have the strength to fight certain disease and thus may require additional vaccines in an attempt to boost their immunity thus making their bodies stronger in the fight against common diseases.

(3)To protect the young ones:

Some kids may be too young to receive vaccination most of which is administered through injections. In such a case to prevent them from contracting diseases and especially communicable disease, their parents (adults) are vaccinated to act as a shield to protect them from getting sick. Pregnant women are usually vaccinated to protect their unborn babies. An example of a vaccine recommended for pregnant women is the whooping cough vaccine.

(4)Some vaccines are only meant for adults:

There are vaccines which cannot be administered to kids. In this case, one has to wait until he or she becomes an adult in order for the vaccine to be administered an example is the shingles vaccine also known as the herpes zoster which arises from the reactivation of chicken pox.

(5)Some vaccines are mandatory:

Every individual needs to receive a flu vaccination annually. It is required that every individual above 6 months of age should receive a flu vaccination annually. This is mainly to counter the spread of flu.

(6)Not everyone was completely vaccinated as a child:

Some parents are usually ignorant on this matter of ensuring that their kids are completely vaccinated while still under their care. To eliminate this possibility it is required that adults should receive such vaccines as measles. Mumps and chicken pox to prevent any possibility of attack any these diseases.

(7)To set an example to the young children:

Most young kids believe that they should after the things that their parents or guardians do. Therefore being vaccinated together with their parents as well as grandparents makes them comfortable with the whole immunization. This is however not a common reason behind adult immunization.

Prevention is better than cure and their adults should take the initiative of being vaccinated to avoid frequent cases of illnesses.

Follow your adult immunization schedule keenly to be on the safe side.



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