What Makes People to go to Urgent Care center in Summer



After hours urgent care are facilities that are mostly considered when an injury or an illness has occurred and one is unable to get a physician from a primary care. Hence the name After hours.

An urgent care facility can treat general illnesses or injuries. If it is an emergency that is most likely to threaten the end of your Iife, then it is advisable to call 911 so as to get any local emergency room. Illnesses and injuries treated

The after hours urgent care treats injuries that occur anywhere when no one knew that they would even occur. Such injuries include; burns, fractures, strain of the ankle, shoulder or even the knee, cuts, injuries from falls and car accident injuries.

Besides from the injuries, most people also visit the after hours urgent care with illnesses that are not emergencies but cannot be ignored. These illnesses can be dealt with by taking some medications or antibiotics Such illnesses include; bronchitis, soar throat, infections from yeast, colds  ,infections on the urinary tracts and flu.


One may be experiencing some symptoms and might not know what is really wrong. For this it is better to visit the after hours urgent care facility instead of ignoring, then the symptoms results to something even worse.

Some of the symptoms include; diarrhoea, soar throat, coughing and sneezing, abdominal pains, headaches, abnormal body rashes, unexplained swelling and vomiting. On the site of these symptoms it is advisable to visit the nearest urgent care center when you possibly can to avoid worse conditions.

When to visit the after hours urgent care

It is very important for most people to know and properly understand the appropriate time to visit the after hours urgent care center. For instance, if you have a very deep cut that is really bleeding in excess and doesn’t seem to stop any time soon,it is advisable to opt for an emergency room rather than the after hours urgent care. Excessive bleeding may lead to less blood in the body which may cause death if not dealt with early enough.

As most people might be very busy enjoying their summer holidays, unfortunately, illnesses and injuries do not choose the specific time for them to occur. In fact, they tend to happen in the most enjoyable times.  For example, the colds and flu. These are illnesses that mostly occur due to the cold weather. You might actually be very warmly dressed all the time but then you decide to go and take a very cold shower or perhaps just a swim when the weather is not so favorable. Such illnesses may result due to such conditions. Another example is when you go for holidays where there are forests and wildly growing vegetation. It is very possible that most people will love the adventure of eating the wild fruits. In the process, not all the fruits are safe for human consumption. You might find that there are some poisonous fruits that may affect your stomach. So after consumption you start experiencing stomach problems and start to diarrhea, vomit and all other kind of illnesses.

Also for those who might opt to go for their summer holidays in mountainous terrains, there are also chances of visiting the after hours urgent care even without planning for it. In this situation, mountain climbing has a higher probability that you might injure your ankle or probably your knee due to a simple strain.  These are just some of the reasons most people tend to visit the after hours urgent care while in their summer holidays. But in the cases where the illnesses get to worse points or the injuries get serious, it is not advisable to still depend on the after hours urgent care. Instead, visit any local emergency room available for further treatment so as to avoid risking lives by death.


The after hours urgent care centers are most preferably for minor injuries and illnesses that can be easily treated by antibiotics or some other medications. In case of a serious injury or the illness gets to worse, call the 911 so as to get information on a local emergency room.


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