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Maritime Car Loans Offers Bad Credit Auto Loans With Some Exciting Offers


Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, August 8, 2017 – Maritime Car Loan is now offering bad credit auto loans in Nova Scotia for as little as 1.9%. The company also offers interesting incentives to users, including a referral program that rewards clients who recommend friends or family to them. They offer free delivery anywhere within Canada.

“We offer car loans to just about any credit situation, including bad and no credit. On some occasions, we have offered loans to people close to bankruptcy. At Maritime Car Loans, we have cars that fit any budget,” says the spokesperson for Maritime Car Loan. Students who’re new to the country, Irving residents, and personnel at the Department of National Defence also get special discounts.

Clients can get a quick quote by submitting some of their details including address, employer details, and average monthly income. One of the company’s sales personnel will call in to explain about their offer.

“Credit score is very important to determine interest rates. But lenders often forget the fact that a lot of factors can be considered before extending a car loan. Sometimes, there may be situations beyond the borrower’s control. And sometimes, users may be on their road to financial recovery, but it could take months before the changes reflect on their credit history. We look beyond the borrower’s credit score and only look at their repayment ability,” he adds.

About Maritime Car Loans:

Maritime Car Loans has been offering bad credit car loans in Nova Scotia for more than four decades. The company offers new and used cars irrespective of the borrower’s credit situation. They have a huge inventory of cars that are perfect for all buyers, including those with no credit.

Visit https://maritimecarloan.com for more information.




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