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Net Neutrality: A brief Idea


So now every body is wondering about the term Net Neutrality, why this term came all of sudden in all internet users/neties??? Are you excited to know what exactly Net Neutrality is ?? Ok let me explain the details of Net Neutrality.


Net Neutrality is otherwise known as network Neutrality or network equality or internet neutrality which meanse the Internet Service Porvider(ISP) and government should treat each and every data on the internet equally and not to charge discriminately on the basis of content, user,platform, application. The term Net Nutrality was coined by Prof. Tim WU, Prof of Columbia university media lwa in 2003. So the term Net Nuetrality may refer as to keep the internet freedom intact. So let me explain about how and what about the freedom in internet.

So in absence of net neutrality Your ISP and MISP(Mobile Internet Service Provider) will treat internet data partially. For example in general  you do recharge of data pack of Rs 500 for one month in which u get 5gb of data for one month and in that stipulated time period(30 days) you can access anything, brows anything  till your data pack reaches 5GB and they can’t charge you extra amount for it. This is called Net Neutrality.

So now a days TRAI along with other ISPs decided a good business plan by not maintaining net neutrality. Let me explain what exactly that is. In absence of Net Neutrality   you will charge different price while accessing the different content . Suppose You recharge Rs. 500 for 5GB data for 1 month, but while accessing facebook or you tube or some other specific site then you will be charged some extra amount for it as per the agreement between ISP and the content provider., this is called breaking of Net Neutrality. Here the ISP starts discrimination like which application, site, content you can access better or stream better.  So this is very very bad.

By breaking of net neutrality in the developing country like india it will affect a lot to startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers etc.  A large corporate body like facebook, you tube can easily tie up with the ISPs and with certain term and contions the ISP can serve the big corporate’s data efficiently and also  can charge heavy amount of money on access of their content too.  So the internet will be occupied by the Big Players where start-ups internet-entrepreneurs cant enter.


There are many campaigns started in india against TRAI and ISPs regarding this breaking of net neutrality, we all can be a part of the campaign and can write to TRAI. Please write your complain to TRAI on this advqos@trai.gov.in



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