Rock The Hoodie Look With These Style Tips


What’s common between Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Drake? They’ve all rocked the hoodie style. In fact, Kanye West was cheeky enough to wear one to his Saint Pablo Tour in 2016! If you’re a fan of the hoodie, here’s how to rock the look in style:

• Different occasions demand different hoodie style:

The trick, however, lies in choosing the right hoodie. Try the all time favorite Rocky Balboa style gray grungy sweatshirt if you love the sports chic look; Alexander Wang’s 2010 collection was inspired by the classic. I admit, the hoodie isn’t one of the most preferred choices in a professional environment, but if you’re working in a place that isn’t strict about dress codes, try the Kanye West look with a black or very dark gray hoodie that fits you well. Deeper tones like black, gray and blue make you seem credible and convey power in a professional environment. A cool new look for women is to pair hoodies under a prim blazer and with men’s-inspired trousers. And if you prefer Pharrell William’s style try the oversized yet cozy sweatshirts.

• Try layering to make the hoodie less athletic:

Layer your hoodie under a jacket or a blazer (like we suggested earlier) to make it look chic. But make sure that the hoodie isn’t too thick. They’re difficult to layer because of the bulk factor. Buy sweatshirt brands selling thinner and worn in hoodies. Try layering the hoodie with a light colored denim jacket; the two-tone combination gives you an effortlessly stylish finish.

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