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Safety Tips For Chickenpox In This Spring


Chickenpox is a very contagious disease caused by a virus known as varicella zoster. It results in a skin rash that causes itching and may eventually transform into painful blisters.

This virus is airborne and infects a healthy organism by mouth or nose. When an infected individual coughs or sneezes and the small particles of saliva reaches a healthy person, the virus will get into the lungs and then into the bloodstream.

If one has ever been infected with chickenpox the chances for them to develop this disease again are minimal. Being very contagious, a high percentage of those who live close to the infected person will catch the virus if not immunized against it Chickenpox occurs regularly during spring months.

Those infected with chickenpox notice the rash and itching than any other symptom, more symptoms mainly occur to children for example nausea, fever, sore throat, and complaints of pressure in the head. In some cases, chickenpox can also lead to severe bacterial or viral infections that affect the brain, joints, and bones.

Proper hygiene and isolation of infected individuals are crucial to preventing chickenpox transmission. One can transmit the virus via respiratory droplets or through contact with the lesions during the infective period. Fortunately, the varicella virus is not resistant to disinfectants, desiccation, and heat, so simple hygiene measures like washing with soap to kill the virus be administered as after-hours urgent care.

Chickenpox can also be prevented with a vaccine. Most people who receive immunization shot will not contract the disease. If someone who’s vaccinated gets chickenpox, it is usually mild, but you should get vaccinated from an experienced after-hour urgent care center. The re-occurrence of chickenpox is rare due to the immunity that our bodies develop after experiencing the disease. If there were ever to be a second infection, it would usually occur later during One’s life.

Being cautious when around those who have chickenpox is the most important preventive measure one can take Individuals with chickenpox should refrain from contacting anyone who has never been infected and with those that have the maximum risk of developing more severe symptoms.

It is essential to take time off work and get away from being close to others that have not had Chickenpox before, due to its contagious nature which makes it spread quickly.

In case one is affected acquire Neem Leaves at a food store or the local health foods store. These are mixed easily into a bathtub, and they provide an excellent healing impact and also help get rid of this unwanted itchy rash. You can also blend up oatmeal until there are few clumps and add it to a warm bath. Oatmeal helps in drying out your skin thus reducing itchiness.

There are special oils which are used, and they have been used as being a relief. These oils can be helpful to use right after a bath to apply to the blisters on the body. They add a healing effect and help eliminate itchiness.

A lot of treatment options are available, some are natural and do work. For example, trying different bathing procedures that include oatmeal, baking soda, or neem leaves. By bathing your body in water, it will help get rid of the itchiness and make the blisters scab over faster.



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