Satya Nadella’s Miracle after being CEO: For the first time in history Microsoft is giving something in free


Since Satya Nadella’s joining as the CEO of Microsoft there is many changes taking place in Microsoft, some of those are stated below.

Have you ever header Microsoft is giving anything for free?? Probably every one’s answer is no, because Microsoft was never so kind to it’s user.  But Satya Nadella proved this thing wrong since after 9 months of his joining as CEO of Microsoft and now Microsoft is decided to provide free office app for Android and IOS users.


Since many years, It seems that  Microsoft was depend only on It’s Windows and window based product to make money. Microsoft people are thinking that virtually the world was using windows. As they were treated as the elephant of the tech world.

However since after Joining of Satya Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft, he changed the perception of Microsoft.  The rivalry of Microsoft with apple is a history as Microsoft is using Apple’s iPad and iPhone with Microsoft software at several public demos. Nadella had a discussion with Sundarai Pichai: Google’s VP in-charge of products and twitter on grow together ideas basis which is never seen before.

Time has changed, Apple made $156 billion last year where as Microsoft made $23 billion. As this is a big difference so Microsoft can’t behave more arrogantly with other companies as past.

In an other case Nokia were allowed to sell devices with Nokia-lumia branding months after it’s acquisition, but now Microsoft make one step ahead as Microsoft is preparing to sell Microsoft Lumia from November 11,2014.

It seems that Microsoft is looking to break from first. Within months of announcing it’s most crucial product i.e Office Suit apps. for Leading mobile platforms like Android and IOS, Microsoft is decided to available for free. It’s like beyond every one’s imagination.

Nadella has been actively involving with Microsoft’s Developers and encourage them to develop more applications for windows. Nadella even says kind words like “MICROSOFT LOVES LINUX”.

It’s too early Nadella is changing Microsoft on his own way and everybody is waiting for the results only.


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