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Securedoptions Now Offers Flexible Investment Schemes For Investors


Sofia, Bulgaria November 17, 2016 – Securedoptions have revamped their investment offerings to ensure that they’re flexible and offer greater flexibility to investors. They have now come up tailor made solutions designed to cater to corporate and personal investment profiles.

“Our investment management solutions are designed to provide maximum investment opportunities for brokers and investors alike. Some of these features allow investors to learn from PAMM accounts, and avail attractive and profitable investment proposals. Investors can follow action of brokers in real time, says a spokesperson for Securedoptions.

The company has also introduced a complete set of trading tools to ensure successful mobile trading. “Personal affiliate managers now offer updated stats in real time. We now accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. The transactions are protected by the best encryption technology available in the banking industry. Also, company funds are held separately from trader monies and not tapped into for any reason,” adds the spokesperson.

Securedoption has also revamped its compliance policies. “We have set up a compliance department to assure safety of trader funds. Client identification is included as an SOP to prevent money laundering and other criminal activities.

About Securedoptions:

Securedoptions is a leading investment platform for brokers and independent investors. They offer a wide variety of investment products through their digital options trading platform.

To know more, visit, https://www.securedoptions.com/




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