What are the tests you have to gone through during Immigration Medical Exam

Immigration Medical Exam

Before you are allowed to immigrate into a particular country, you are expected to go through an immigration medical examination. The logic behind this immigration medical exam is to ascertain that you are not inadmissible to that country on public health grounds.

The member of the doctor’s professional body or a physician will demand your medical record. He/she will assess any time you had to be put in an institution for a chronic physical or mental condition, the times you have been hospitalized, and all the times you’ve ever been sick or so critically disabled that it led to a considerable departure from a normal level of functioning or condition of well-being.

The doctor will pose definite questions on alcohol and psychoactive drug use, any record of psychiatric illness not written in the medical records any, and an account of destructive behavior. The doctor will as well examine treatment records and chest X-rays to find if you have ever suffered from tuberculosis.

To be able to establish a history of detrimental behavior related to a mental or physical disorder, the doctor will look into any other documents for instance employment, military, police, or school records. These records at the same time may reveal if you have any ailments or disabilities that are caused by a significant departure from a standard level of functioning or state of well-being.

The medical doctor will inquire exclusively on indications that hint neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and pulmonary disorders, and will diagnose for symptoms indicating that you are suffering from any of the illnesses that would render you inadmissible.

You will then be subjected to physical tests by the doctor. These tests include examining your nose and throat, eyes, heart, ears, external genitalia extremities, lymph nodes, lungs, abdomen, and skin. The medical doctor will also carry out a mental status assessment, examine your mood, behavior, thought, intelligence, judgment, affect, and comprehension.

The medical doctor will further carry out any examination required to detect or verify an alleged finding of, conditions that may render you inadmissible. The test is normally comprised of chest X-rays and a blood draw. The preparation for the blood draw does not necessarily require you to fast.

You’ll be sent back to your own doctor for treatment and told to return for the immigration medical exam later if you’re very sick during the medical exam that the doctor could not carry out all the obligatory tests.

The doctor will send you to another doctor to do extra immigration medical examination if your condition is strange and the doctor is unable to tell exactly if you will pass the immigration medical test.

Upon the completion of the examination, the doctor will fill results and findings into a form given by USGIS. You will be handed with the form in a sealed envelope by the doctor to give USClS or the consulate (do not open it). On occasions where you are applying for a visa abroad, the medical doctor will forward the findings of immigration exam straight to the consulate.


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