Things You Should Avoid During The First Week Of An Online Class


Getting off to the first week of online classes is not difficult. But here are few things you should avoid during the first week:

Don’t procrastinate

Most working professionals who have enrolled in an online course often forget to login on the first day because of work commitments. But this will create a bad impression; and as they say, ‘first impressions are the best impressions’. Remind yourself to login by setting an alarm on your phone. The first week of an online class is vital because it’s all about a course introduction getting to know your peers. Sometimes, it’s too late to catch up on a subject if you miss a single class.

Don’t neglect the discussion board

You should be the first to start a conversation on a discussion board, and you should remain active throughout the week. Remember, your instructor and peers are real people; forming relationships with them can help you academically and professionally. So make use of resources that help you to connect with your peers and instructors.

Don’t bombard your instructor with emails before you read the syllabus

Avoid emailing your professor with questions like ‘what textbook do I need to buy?’ and ‘when is the final exam?’ until you read the syllabus. Later on those questions will become appropriate.

Complete the first assignment early

Completing the first assignment early will help you set a precedent for yourself. As the course goes on you might even submit all the assignments early.

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