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Think Big Marketing, Pittsburgh, Has Affordable, Effective SEO Campaigns For Business Owners


Bethel Park, PA ( project2040.com ) August 01, 2017 – Think Big Marketing, a premier Pittsburgh SEO company, uses cost effective SEO strategies to drive targeted traffic to their clients’ websites.

“Affordable doesn’t mean it’s cheap,” says Bryan Driscoll, Founder, Think Big Marketing. “A good SEO strategy makes use of two factors: quality content and good backlinks. And neither of these is cheap.

“But we’re aware that small businesses don’t usually have the same budgets for SEO that larger businesses have. So at Think Big Marketing, we keep our services budget-friendly by tailoring our SEO strategies to meet the specific needs of individual clients.”

The company also acknowledges another challenge facing small businesses: their online reputations can be more sensitive to damage. “A small company can’t afford to hurt their reputation at the outset by using thin content or building questionable backlinks,” says Driscoll. “We like to help out.”

The SEO company has deliberately kept a small team. Driscoll says it helps keep their costs down so they can focus on the essentials. “SEO success largely depends on the SEO consultant’s experience. You don’t need a huge team of inexperienced staff when a small but experienced team works better. In fact, a single SEO expert can run rings around huge SEO teams,” he adds.

The company has a unique approach to SEO strategizing – they work their way backward. “This means that the team not only tries to rank for a keyword but thinks about the target audience and then works on creating customized strategies. Working with the known and then working backward to look for the missing information is an effective problem-solving technique that works well for SEO,” Driscoll says.

About Think Big Marketing:

Think Big Marketing is a Pittsburgh SEO company offering results based, cost effective SEO solutions for small and large businesses. The company utilizes the latest SEO strategies while making them affordable for businesses of all sizes. Think Big Marketing has been helping small companies by creating customized SEO packages based on highly targeted keywords. They offer a wide range of SEO services, including SEO consulting, training, and social remarketing, and specialize in local SEO, reputation management, organic SEO, and more.

Visit www.thinkbigseo.com for more information.




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