Time Management 101: Meeting Assignment Deadlines


Online assignments are flexible and convenient, but they’re also rigorous. The trick is to stay on track and manage tasks without delay. It’s easier said than done; especially if you work full-time or have a family to manage. Here are a few tips to help you manage online assignments:

• Start early:

Know your homework due dates and understand the task you’ve been assigned. This allows you to create a realistic schedule and divide the homework into manageable tasks.

• Make a plan:

Invest in a good planner to help you schedule important tasks. Mark dues dates and other tasks related to the homework. If it’s a group project, you may have to meet regularly to discuss and execute ideas. Use the planner to remind you of important meeting dates.

• Allocate a specific time and place for assignments:

Consistency is the key to succeeding in online classes. Decide on a time and place to set about your tasks. Make sure that the place is free from distractions. Switch off your phone and log off from social media. This allows you to switch from other tasks to the study mode easily.

• Be proactive:

Reach out to seek help. If you have an urgent appointment at work and an assignment to be completed on the same day, we suggest you speak to your professor requesting time. If you’ve been diligent in submitting assignments on time, the instructor would be willing to accommodate your request. Or, you can hire us! We offer online class help services. Call us to ask – can I pay someone to do my homework. We’ll complete your assignments on time and ensure that you earn good grades as well.


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