Tips To Write Good Posts On Online Class Discussion Boards


Online classes lack face-to-face tutoring and in-person collaboration. The only way an instructor measures how well his/her students grasp the course materials is through the discussion boards. Although students have good knowledge on a topic, many still do not know to use the discussion boards properly. These tips will help you contribute positively to a discussion and improve your chances of getting good grades in online classes.

1. Answer all parts of the question

Read the discussion questions carefully and answer all components. Sometimes, you will need to write more than just a short statement. Usually, the questions will have multiple elements, answer all of them and not just the first one you read.

2. Spelling and grammar are important

Students are expected to write readable and well-constructed responses. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes and use good sentence structure.

3. Comment on other’s posts

Rather than saying “I agree”, explain why you do so. Your instructor will grade you based on your response to other posts as well as your own posts. When you disagree, don’t insist they are wrong. Instead, state your point with proper facts and citations.

4. Don’t plagiarize

Write original content. There’s very little tolerance for academic plagiarism. Citations and references are a must for every point that’s borrowed. Your posts should exhibit your understanding of the course content.

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