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Valuable Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator


In a world fraught with deception; scams, hacking, identity theft, criminal conduct, cyber bullying and infidelity one might seek help from a private investigator also known as a private detective.

Not too many people know how to find and hire a private investigator. Hopefully, this article will assist you in knowing how to determine if you have found the best private investigator for you. This article is intended to provide you with some insight as to the best practices when seeking the services of a private investigator. It articulates what you should be aware of before hiring a Private Detective.

Lesson 1. Not All Private Investigators are Qualified.

Private investigators come from various backgrounds such as Police Departments, Military Intelligence and  City and State Prosecutor’s offices. The backgrounds of those investigators denote one significant commonality, and that is they all worked for public agencies that have an abundant cadre of investigative tools at their disposal, not to mention the authority of being a law enforcement officer. However, upon entering the private sector as a private investigator, those tools are no longer at their disposal, and they soon realize that many private investigation assignments can be very challenging. Therefore, when speaking with a private investigator who tells you, they were a former law enforcement officer ask them how long have they have been a Private Investigator.

Lesson  2Researching a Private Investigator to Hire

As you are online searching for a private investigator and you come across a website that appeals to you be sure to look at how long the Private Investigator has been in business. Also look for their State license number to verify in their State’s License Website. Be certain to check if they have favorable reviews or testimonials from their clients. Look for a Better Business Bureau rating which is quite beneficial. Usually, references from lawyers and CEO’s are more trustworthy because they often are written on company letterheads which are verifiable. Private individuals who write testimonials most often do not disclose their entire name. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine if a private person’s reference letter or star ranking is authentic. The private investigator should offer a Free Consultation which is customary in their field. How are you to know if they can accommodate your investigative request unless you explain it to them? The private investigator should demonstrate that they listened carefully to your concerns. The private investigator should begin to offer suggestions as to what they think would be the best approach and method to help you. Be sure to avoid any private investigator who immediately asks how much you want to spend or what is your budget. Qualified experienced private investigators all charge similar fees within 10-15 % of each other. You would be well advised not to ask the private investigator how much they charge immediately. You should first state what you would like them to do for you. Then listen to their response and the questions they may ask. If you are comfortable with how your initial contact is going, ask if them if they have not volunteered what their fee would be.

Lesson 3. Confidentiality Is Imperative

You should ask the Private Investigators you contact whether your discussion with them will be confidential. The Private Investigator should make it abundantly clear that anything discussed with you will remain confidential. If they avoid answering you, it would be best to discontinue your discussion.

Lesson 4.  Ask for a Retainer Agreement from the Private Investigator.

Once you decide to retain a private investigator, you should ask them if they provide a retainer agreement to you. The retainer agreement should state that all communications and reports between you and the private investigator will remain as confidential communications.

Your retainer agreement should state the nature of the investigation and the amount of the retainer fee required. A proper retainer agreement should include a provision saying that the retainer fee cannot exceed the stated amount unless the client authorizes an increase of the retainer in writing. Furthermore, the agreement should disclose when the investigation will commence.

Occasionally, the private detective may incur some necessary expenses during their assignment. A list of possible expenses should be noted in the agreement which would be deducted from the retainer, if applicable.

Lesson 5.  Retaining a Private Investigator Known to Specialize in a Particular Field?

Some investigators specialize in a particular field such as; investigating for attorneys, insurance companies, publicly held corporations, small to large businesses, locating people, locating assets, finding missing persons and runaway children, civil case and criminal case histories. There are many different kinds of investigative requests the list would take up an entire page. The diversity of a Private Investigators’ assignments is a barometer of their overall knowledge and experience.

Lesson 6.  How to Explain Your Request for an Investigation

Describing your particular issue to a private investigator the proper way is important, and if it is your first time, it can feel uncomfortable because you may be emotionally involved. Please be mindful of the fact that most people seeking the services of a private detective have never done so, and nearly all of them are somewhat uncomfortable about discussing a personal matter with a stranger. When describing your issue be very clear about all details and try not to wander into areas that do not pertain to your particular issue which should be the investigative goal. Try to stay focused on what you would like the private investigator to do for you. Ask the private detective if they ever conducted an investigation similar to the one you presented. There are two ways the conversation will turn out. The private investigator listened carefully and was attentive to you, and he/she explained what would be the best method to accomplish your goal, or they appeared disinterested and did not offer an investigative strategy for you. You need to follow your instincts and go with the investigator who you feel the most comfortable with and who was the most professional.

Lesson 7. There Are No Guarantees!

No private detective or private investigator should ever guarantee a client a favorable investigative result. If they do, it is at their peril, and the client may very well find several consumer complaints naming that investigator for false promises and fraud.



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