VIP Invests Invites Brokers To Invest In The Binary Options Trading Platform


London, UK October 25, 2016 – Binary options trading platform, VIP Invests has invited brokers to move their trading to this field. In return, they promise to offer the latest marketing, tracking, and reporting tools to the brokers.

“The broker’s clients will remain theirs. They will be responsible for all the customer interaction and other responsibilities. We will only provide the technology that supports the binary trading system,” says a spokesperson for VIP Invests.

Several brokers have joined VIPInvests since the company launched this program. Some have gained enough to move a majority of their trading in binary options. “We offer a broad range of instruments and the highest return rates,” adds the spokesperson. Some of the other benefits of using the VIP Invests platform include 60 seconds trading and a vast online library of educational tools to help people understand the platform.

Anyone can be an introducing broker. “Those with a portfolio of clients who are already investing in the field, interested in investing, traders, owners of financial websites, those who own an investment company, or just ordinary people interested in binary option, are welcome to join,” adds the spokesperson.

About VIP Invests:

VIP Invests is a London-based trading firm offering binary options trading platform. The company also maintains offices in Damascus and Cyprus to provide 24×7 continuous customer service support to clients and brokers. VIP Invests also offers educational information to help people understand the binary options trading platform.

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