10 Tips to Make Your Trip to London

  1. Research about the place

British has its culture and tradition.  Doing a little research before visiting will help in understanding different customs followed in London. It will allow you to understand what you should and you should not do. Plan a trip to London using London trip planner and execute the plan by researching well in advance.

  1. Visit a museum

In London, the museums are free to visit. But to show your appreciations to the amount of hard done you could leave some donations in the museum. Use some free London Journey planner websites

  1. Carry a Map

Google maps and GPS are not reliable in places where your mobile may be short of network. A map will come in handy to better explore your destination. It is also fun to search a place on map than through a digital device.

  1. Check the Weather

Weather can be temperamental in London. Therefore, check the weather forecast the days you are visiting London. This will also help you to pack according. If the weather is chill, you could carry cold clothes. If the weather is hot, you could carry your summer clothes.

  1. Go to Top London Markets

Visiting a London market is a must to do when you go to London. Camden Lock, Portobello Road and Brick Lane are amazing markets to visit. You cans shop for jewellery pieces, fashion items, household goods etc. at a low cost.

Brick lane is the best option to buy out cheap food which is delicious to savour.

  1. In London it is best not to hire cabs

London has Congestion Charge and high parking fees everywhere you go. It is expensive and stressful. Rent a bicycle or use public transport.

  1. Purchase a Power Adaptor that works in London

Buy a power adapter that is “Type G” and has 3 pins with Voltage is 220-240V.This is essential and buying it in the airport might expensive. It is recommended to buy a good quality adapter to avoid spoiling your appliances.

  1. Purchase a British Sim Card

To avoid buying a global sim cards before you travel, buy a local sim. They are cheaper and it’s easy to add credit. You can avoid buying the sim by downloading offline maps and using public phone. You can also buy a cup of coffee in a place where there is internet and use free Wifi. You can ask the local people for guidance as well

  1. Go to London Theatre

London has a huge theatre and it is best in the world with famous musicals to West End shows. It is the highest level of commercial theatre. Book in advance as shows fill up fast.

  1. Order A Traditional English Breakfast

The English Breakfast is a must try and you can find very best in London. It is very important to try things that is local to the place when you are traveling and London is no exception to this rule


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