3 Reasons To Include Competitor Research In Your SEO Campaign


Learning what your competitor is doing and trying to offer a better proposition is a good business strategy that applies to SEO as well. Companies offering SEO consulting services often include competition analysis as a part of their SEO strategizing. Competitor research helps you gain an insight into a website’s backlinks, on-site and off-page strategies, and the keywords they use. If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons why we think it should be a part of your SEO campaign:

It helps link building:

Competitive backlink analysis helps you gain valuable insight into the quality of links a website has acquired. What is the top content that draw links? How are they pulling in those links? Backlink analysis also helps you find links from relevant websites you didn’t know about. For example, links from industry related websites can help to improve your rankings. You now have a huge database that can be used to outrank the competition.

It helps you identify real competitors:

Chances are, your offline competitors are not the same as your online rivals. Before you even begin an SEO campaign, it is important to know who your search competitors are. You may think of a few names off the top of your head, but they may not really be your competitors. A quick and easy way to look for businesses related to your business is to search ‘related: your domain.com’. Another quick way to look for competitors is LinkedIn. If you look at your company’s LinkedIn page, on the right, you will find a list of companies that other people have viewed. This will give you an idea about businesses that are same as yours.

It helps you improve your keyword research strategy:

An experienced SEO consultant always factors in keyword research during competition analysis. Search engines consider over 200 factors to make sure that a particular page is relevant to a search query. Analyzing your competitor’s keywords gives you ready-made data – you know that these keywords include essential phrases that customers are searching on the web. You get information on search terms that are relevant to your industry and to the product or service that you offer. Identifying your competitor’s keywords also helps you fine-tune your own keywords.

Identifying your competitors also helps you identify your target audience. A comprehensive analysis may open up avenues that you never thought existed.

Author Bio :

The Author manages a local SEO company in Pittsburgh. He offers SEO consulting services to small and medium businesses at affordable rates.


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