Alone with No One to Love ( Can You Be The Next Catfishing Victim ?)


You try to purge thoughts of loneliness from your mind by staying busy at work and at home. You find yourself all alone at your kitchen table and when retiring for the evening with no one by your side. You can’t remember how many nights you’ve cried yourself to sleep because you’re lonely and depressed. You thought about signing up with an online dating site but you’re not sure if you should because you’re afraid to meet someone you never met in person or who was not introduced to you by someone you know. You crave a loving relationship but you’ve had your fill of horrible blind dates.

Every time you log on to your computer you question “should I try just one dating site”. You fantasize that you just might meet someone with the same interests as you and fall in love. You saw the some of the dating sites ask members to list their interests, their hobbies their favorite foods and vacation places. One dating site suggests “Start by telling us a little about yourself and who you’re looking for. We’ll use that information to help you find a great match and help the right people find you. So go ahead, put yourself out there and get the attention you deserve.” 

You rationalize that well known dating sites could not survive this long without some measure of success for a fair percentage of their subscribers. You ponder “why can’t it be me”? Well, it certainly can be you, but first, you should be aware of some of the pitfalls to subscribing to an online dating site. This article is not intended to disparage online dating sites. Its intent is to make you aware of how innocent subscribers both men and women become victims of criminals who troll dating sites claiming to love you and then they take unfair advantage by eventually convincing subscribers to help them out of an unfortunate predicament and send them money they swear faithfully they will pay back. Eventually, the victim learns too late that the so called predicament was a fraud designed to take financial advantage of them.

When emotions run deep, and the heart is longing for love, people occasionally lose sight of their common sense and become involved in a relationship that was doomed from the start because they were approached online by someone who knew exactly how to get into their head. Those so called “ideal matches” for the most part, do not usually live the United States where they could be prosecuted. They eventually will tell you during your online chats where they “presumably” live and how they cannot wait to come to America to hold you in their arms. Rest assured these people are professionals, with years of experience taking in millions of dollars every year.These criminal are very convincing, and they know what to say to keep you intrigued with them for months at a time telling you they love you and they would do anything in the world for you.

One of the best resources available to you and to make sure you are not being manipulated or defrauded is to contact a reputable private investigation company with years of experience investigating online romances, infidelity investigations . Let them conduct a background investigation on your lover to make certain they are “real.” Your love will never know they were investigated.  Better to know sooner rather than later your love is a real caring person. Unfortunately, most honorable men and women seeking a meaningful relationship find it unbelievable that there are people in the world who have no conscience and make a living doing that to decent lonely people.

Here is a true story of Catfish victim that will enlighten you.

Here are some suggestions as to find out if you are being Catfished.

  1. Ask your new found love for their address. If they resist giving it to you, it is because they are married or they are “Catfishing” you.
  2. Try to avoid online relationships with people who live outside the USA.
  3. Arrange an irrevocable date for the two of you to meet in person. If they refuse or say, they cannot. You have your answer. Take a pass.
  4. Ask them to take a full-length photo of themselves in front of their home or apartment because you want to see where they live. If they refuse, you know you have a problem.
  5. If they begin changing their arrival date over and over, keep in mind airlines charge for cancellations, and it is likely you are being Catfished.
  6. The moment your intuition tells you something is not right, and it is making you uncomfortable it is time to give your new friend an ultimatum. Either they come to visit you on a particular date, and if they refuse or claim they cannot, it is time to end your relationship

Here are a couple of helpful websites for you.

Men, please check out this site:

Ladies and gentlemen, please look at this site from the FBI:


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