The best method to protect yourself & your family with Flu shot


The best method to protect yourself and your family from the flu is getting an annual flu vaccine. Flu vaccination reduces flu illness, doctor’s visit and the missed work from the school and the college. About half of the flu patients were cured, the report issued by CDC. The dominant flu vaccine

About half of the flu patients were cured, the report issued by CDC. The dominant flu vaccine this season was influenza H3N2 and the estimated prevention of this vaccine was 43’s. The amount of overall protection was 483-6 mentioned in the report issued by CDC. This data was collected from February 4, where in US about 3,144 adults and children have taken part in flu shot effectiveness program. The statement issued by CDC Prevention stated that flu activity will go upward in December and will continue till February in the United States of America. From October 2 to February 4, specimens has been checked for viruses in America and about half were positively tested. Age was reported as:7.9% 4 years old,30.4% patients age were five to twenty-five years, 30.4‘3’0 patients were aged between 25 and 64 years old, and the remaining 31 .5% patients were aged above 55 years. Among 54 states and territories of Unites States of America 51 experiencing elevated level disease flu. About 20 people has been died this season. Influenza, which was inactivated was used in Flu shot effectiveness 2017. Each February, a group of public and medical

Each February, a group of public and medical health experts, makes a decision that which virus strains goes into the vaccine. This information was collected from 100 countries. The committee seeks for the viruses that are harmful to human body, from where they are spreading and which vaccine will be useful against them. After selection of the strain by the committee which used in fight against viruses, the manufacturer produces formula with three strains,quadrivalent formula for the next season . Effectiveness of vaccine does not depends on viruses that are alarming danger in the body of humans. But the big factor is that how well it attacks on germs of the flu.

The pattern of this season was very similar to H3N2 season. In the people of aged about 65 vears, higher hospitalization rate has been seen. On the other hand children were also have very severe illness, according to the Flannery. Flu shot effectiveness 2017 program indicates that vaccination is slowing down the rate of influenza associated medical visits by approximately half. The most important thing was that it was suitable for pregnant women. Also flu vaccination helps the baby to fight against the flu in the first six month.The flu shot effectiveness 2017 program will cure people about two more weeks in the United Staes of America. The program was listed with three limitations. First, the report made about this program was not up to the mark. Second, information from medical records is needed to evaluate VE by vaccine type. Third, an observational study design has greater potential for confounding relative to randomized clinical trials. We hope that we will be successful in fighting against diseases that are killing people everyday in hounded of numbers and we hope that we will make this world a happy place to live in this universe.


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