Bottle Service in Las Vegas vs. Guest List


Two major options: Bottle Service in Las Vegas and Guest List

Having trouble making the right choice between Bottle Service in Las Vegas or guestlist? Well, the guest list is a good option but can be explained very easily as its an option hosts and promoters give to their clients on a daily basis. The guest list is provided to women only and depending on the venue they will allow guys to join with free/reduced over admission. The rules will require an even ratio group meaning if you have 3 guys, 3 girls, then your ok but if you have an extra guy he will have to pay cover in general admission.

The downside to the Las Vegas guestlist is that the rules can change at almost any time as the venue can cancel list early or even make the call for a girls list only. The guestlist hours of operation are from 10pm-1am each night and the list is commonly closed early to ensure access for prepaid/bottle service customers. Also when they demand is there for a major talent like Tiesto or Chris Brown they venue will see a large demand and want guys or every one to pay to be apart of the show. Its a major gamble that you may or may not be willing to take but that is what Vegas is all about.

There’s are some guarantees that you get from Bottle Service in Las Vegas to always ensure access that you might not from Guest List or even Prepaid tickets.

A Personal Server

Don’t you hate when you’re in a club and the servers are so busy that it seems to be taking all night to get a couple drinks? Personal servers make that a thing of the past. Not to mention, you won’t have to fight your way to the bar anymore. It’s a little ironic that actually getting a drink is such a hard thing to do in the Las Vegas Nightclubs, but them’s the breaks.


Bottle Service in Las Vegas offers security not just to keep the riff raff away, but to ensure that if you get a little too tipsy and forget your purse or wallet at the table, they’ve got you covered. Security keeps you safe, but more than that, it’s like having a guardian angel and a designated driver all in one. In short: they’re there to be responsible, so that you don’t have to be.

Real VIP Treatment

Want to be treated so nicely that people look at you and wonder if they’ve seen you in a movie before? Front row seats and star treatment make you the center of attention when you hit the clubs with your crew for Bottle Service in Las Vegas.

Pool Party Cabanas

Let’s not forget that Vegas is right in the middle of a gigantic, blazing hot desert. Beat the heat with your own cabana with a TV, a fridge, food and drinks, and even mist machines to keep you chill when you’re out of the water.

Booking Where You Like

With Bottle Service Las Vegas is your own personal playground. You probably have a checklist in your head of clubs you want to hit up and shows you want to see, and Bottle Service has you covered.

Suppose you’re going to the XS Las Vegas. Can you go there with Guest List booking and have a great time? Sure.But you might not get the VIP treatment. If you book with Bottle Service, with the Marquee Dayclub for full pool privileges, you’ll be able to breeze into the club like a celebrity. Drinks on demand, security, cabanas and premium seating all ensure that your visit to one of Vegas’ hottest clubs will turn out just as you’d always dreamed.


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