How to Earn Money In Blogging Guaranteed


Well, nowadays lots of Bloggers found their first priority of income source as writing blogs (me too). The first thing comes to your mind when you decide to write a blog is Traffic. the more traffic you have, more chances for you to earn money.

There are certain ways to improve traffic. We will provide you short Step By Step Guide to Increase Traffic.

Blog should be in a proper format

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Content
  3. Conclusion

Here are some necessary rules for writing blog

  • Header And Sub Header
  • Lists
  • check Punctuation like the full stop, commas etc.
  • Use images with alternative text
  • write short paragraphs


Make Money From Blogging

Now, lets head on to our main niche i.e making money From Blog

Advertising Way

I have made some Steps to follow for Monetizing your blog

Now, its very simple strategy for monetizing your blog:

  1. apply for their website for advertisement.
  2. after sign up, they will send you a confirmation email (this step depends upon website process).
  3. activate your account.
  4. Now, They will review your website, meanwhile, you should wait for 48 hours max.
  5. after this, your website will be approved or rejected.
  6. If rejected then try all this below advertisement.

Advertising websites you should apply for your Blog.

1. Google Adsense

How to apply for Google Adsense?

google adsense is the most controversial topic on internet, there are some misconceptions about  Adsense. Basically, Adsense is an advertising network which publishes ads on different blogs. But for advertising google reviews websites for ads whether Adsense is compatible with a particular website or not.

Adsense shares 60% Revenue with client websites.Remember, If your website has google Adsense approval then You Are one of the White color Blogger Of internet.

Google Adsense is Extremely strict For their terms and conditions

2. Media.Net

How to apply for

This is the best alternative to Adsense, it works same as Adsense and it has various ads than Adsense

Things to remember!!

  1. It’s a little strict for approval
  2. shares same revenue as Adsense
  3. Approval passed on Views (traffic) based

3. Infolinks

4. Amazon Ads

5. Viglink

6. Skimlinks

Hire me Technic

hire me

find for hire me plugin in WordPress or find some HTML, CSS, PHP etc code on google. your visitors will click on HIRE ME  button and you will be notified when you ready to earn some bucks.

Popup Ad

There are some websites who pay you for your quality organic views and popup ads will be displayed on your website/blog. when someone will visit your website this popup screen will appear on screen first and then that visitor will cancel popup ad and visit your website/blog.

Ninja Popups for WordPress


URL Shortener

this will shorten your URL, sometimes sharing your URL to social media and someone becomes a more hectic job for you to remember all slugs of your URL. For hiding your main website name and making your link more interesting ( not boring).

Sell your ebook

this is especially for bloggers who write there everything on blogs and make lots of efforts. so convert your website into pdf format lock that format and make available for your users, cost them some money which they can afford easily.


Set Donation Button

Download a plugin from wordpress or css ,html code will be best option for this

Think Of Audio Ads

Audio Ads are new trends and this has becoming famous day by day.


I have explained some tips in this blogs .I am wishing you luck for earning quick money. share this blogs with your friends .If you have any queries then you can contact us we will reply you in maximum 4 hours. Thank You !!!


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