Effective Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement


Have no ideas on how to come up with a winning personal statement? What should you include in a personal statement to make it attractive? And how is it possible to improve the one?

There are two common cases when you can be asked to prepare the personal statement: for university application and your potential employer. This piece of writing should highlight your strong points including skills and personal goals.

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Let others know who you are and why you are the best applicant for the chosen university or company.

Powerful Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement

Turn your personal statement into a real opportunity to tell about yourself in a unique and engaging way. These effective guidelines below will help you organize the whole story. Follow them and you will never forget what to write about. So, here are the most important things to include in your personal statement.

  1. Start with something unusual.
  2. Focus on your strong points.
  3. Do not create a false image.
  4. Choose your style and perfect language.
  5. Think about a strong conclusion.
  6. Ask someone to read your statement.

Let’s have a closer look at the following recommendations to create a truly awesome piece fo writing for you. Tune in your creativity and start writing.

Start with Something Unusual

Starting your statement with something interesting, uncommon, or even funny will guaranty a positive first impression. It is not necessary to try to invent something funny racking your brains while compiling it all together. It does not work like that.

The ideal introductory sentence may come to you in the process of writing the body of the personal statement or in several hours of hard work on it. So, do not concentrate on the beginning and let it hit you on accident.

Focus on Your Strong Points

Remember about the characters limit you should meet when writing the personal statement. Imagine that you need to describe a product for the target audience including as many advantages of it as possible.

The same is here, share any type of your experience, even if you consider it minor but still, it implies your personal attempts, desire, and little success.

Tell them about your knowledge and further plans. Do not overpraise yourself and be concise. The strengths you have can show how you fit into the available program or company. 

Do Not Create a False Image

It is important to be usually honest, and personal statement writing is not an exception. Do not try to embellish the story through falsehoods. For example, don’t tell that you have a great ability to solve the problems or that you are fluent in French, but your actual level is far from intermediate.

The facts like these can simply create a false image. No prize for guessing that the truth will come out soon causing many unpleasant situations. Stay true to yourself and your readers.

Choose Your Style and Perfect Language

Make your language sound better in the personal statement using more elegant words and phrases that will underline your professional style. It is even more challenging to select the proper words if you are an international applicant with English as the second language.

Use some popular translation programs online or synonym dictionaries to make the right choice. On the other hand, it is necessary to be careful as using many fancy words could turn your story into the unreadable one.

Think About Strong Conclusion

Craft a final part that has a strong effect on your potential employer or enrolment board members at the desired university. Be clear when stating the reasons why you applied and what educational experience you want to receive as a student at their university. Make them think about you as an eligible candidate with all your credentials and skills.

Ask Someone to Read Your Statement

Well, your statement is ready, but you feel that probably something is lost, should be omitted or added. To forget about this feeling it is recommended to let others read your personal story helping you understand if it is ok for submission.

The more people read it the better for your final version. Listen to the feedbacks and various advice as it will give you some food for thought for reviewing and reconsideration of certain points.


To summarize, stay yourself and share your personal experience with an objective mind when writing the personal statement. Stay away from someone else’s style because that’s your individual story with many interesting facts. If you still have any difficulties with creating a winning personal statement ask our experts to help you with this task.

Charles Backman is one of the academic writing experts at DoMyPapers.com. Academic writing is just the field that requires constant self-development and growth. ‘This is what attracts me most in this industry!’ – says Charles.


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