How To Know You Are Having A Migraine



A migraine can be referred to as a headache that is recurrent in nature and can typically last for around four to ten hours. For the severe cases, migraines have the possibility of being present for up to three days. Their characteristics vary from one patient to another as well as from an episode to another episode. In spite of this, there are common pathognomonic signs that can lead you to tell that you are experiencing a migraine and drive you to seek help from urgent care Davie.

What is some of the Symptoms of a Migraine?

When you experience a headache that is accompanied by intense pulsations and throbbing, then you should suspect that you are suffering from a migraine rather than a mere headache. This is because the latter’s pain comes off as much milder and has lower pressure tensions related to it.

With migraines, it is common to find that the pain you are experiencing has been localized only to a single side of your head. According to physicians in urgent care Davie, this pain tends to get aggravated by movement of your head and can cause you to have sound and light sensitivity. In addition to the above, there is a high likelihood of a person suffering from a migraine to have vomiting, dizziness, and nausea accompanying the headache.

In addition to the above-stated characteristics of a migraine, one of the less common but surefire signs of having a migraine are auras. An aura refers to sensory symptoms that precede a headache. The most common aura types according to urgent care Davie are visual disturbances which include spots, flickering lights or even zigzag lines that are known as fortification spectra. Auras can last from 5 to even 60 minutes and can be completely reversed.

It is important to note that auras have formed the basis on which migraines are classified by many specialists around the globe (including the ones found in urgent care Davie), with the two main types of migraines being; Migraine with Aura (MWA) and Migraine without Aura (MWOA). The types of migraines that have auras are actually less common as compared to the ones that aren’t accompanied by auras. This should emphasize the importance of you not ruling out migraines in case you haven’t experienced any type of aura.

When Should You Seek Medical Attention?

The severity, triggers, and frequency of having a migraine vary from one patient to another and there is no standard guideline dictating when you should seek immediate medical attention. However, in case you have experienced any of the earlier talked about symptoms, you should book an appointment with urgent care Davie for a check-up. You should be quicker while seeking medical attention in case you have the following additional symptoms;

  1. a) Chills and Fever
  2. b) Weakness or numbness
  3. c) Total loss of vision
  4. d) Walking and speech problems


In general, one of the core things that you should be keen to remember is that migraines are not conditions that should be taken lightly or even suffered through especially with easily accessible help from health centers such as urgent care Davie. Migraines have the ability to disrupt one’s normal life, thus shedding some light on the importance of taking action in the event you suspect you are experiencing one the signs and symptoms that have been talked about above do not all happen at once during an episode of a migraine headache. However, if you experience any of the above symptoms when having a headache, there is a high likelihood that you have a migraine and urgent care Davie is a great place for you to seek help from.


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