Importance of industrial marking solutions


Industrial marking is very much necessary these days, but do you know why it’s important?

In general Industrial marking system refers to marking any equipment and material of the industry for tracking and tracing the equipment or material. These tracking and tracing of any industry is known as traceability, which means the ability of the equipment or the instrument to trace every process of the industry starting from raw materials to consumption, production as well as the disposal.

Industries have to define certain process for tracking and tracing their equipment and other resources. For example they have to put their company logo or any kind of identification number in the equipment’s, which belongs to them. These marking can be temporary or permanent or they can use any kind of readymade marking tag for the equipment.  Temporary marking is needed when any industry have hired any specific equipment on rent from any other industry or organisation. The permanent marking can be barcoded.

Again these marking are of several types as per the material of the equipment on which you are marking. Let’s say dot peen marking technology and laser marking technology. Generally dot peen marking technology creates permanent dotted marks on the surface of the target equipment or products. This kind of marking technology can be used on the hard surfaced materials. Whereas the Laser marking technology made burn marks on the target surface by using laser ray or light. The laser marking’s advantage over the dot peen that it can mark over any equipment of any shape of surface. In case of Dot Peen markers; it is cost effective and easy to operate.  Laser marking is bit expensive than dot peen marking.

Now-a-days traceability is very popular in industries like Pharmaceutical, Automotive, food production, electronics etc. It’s a headache of any industry owner, for tracing and marking its equipment’s and material properly.

Wright and Wood International is the best agency in United Arab Emirates for these kind of Industrial marking solutions for your business. They have prepared customized solutions for many industry’s requirement. Wright and Wood have partnership with Telelsis and Infosight, these are world’s leading manufacturers of Metal Tag Printer and Industrial marking solutions. For industrial marking solutions, Wright and wood have Infodent ID8400- Programmable dot matrix marking system, Informark Laser marker. Flag Tag 2951 Application, Info Tagger and a lot more. They not only provide the hardware for marking system but, they also have software system, which will help you for effective industrial marking.


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