Mobile Vault – How Well do they Work in terms of Privacy & Security


The best way to keep your private photos, videos and apps safe from someone’s eyes is by having a mobile vault installed to your phone. Vaults are now available for both iPhone and android platforms, and come with many designs, themes and templates for user customization.

How it works – A mobile vault securely encrypts the pictures, videos and other personal data on your phone with a private passcode, making it hidden from people who happen to look through your device. It’s the best option for business people for keeping their conversations and reports safe. It even restores the work completely and quickly in case of unexpected deletion.

Privacy Features

1.  Safe import of data to vault – User will be able to import text messages, photos and videos easily and securely. Call logs and contacts can be encrypted and stored to the vault in no time. The premium version of most phone vault apps offers a private contacts feature through which a contact added to the vault disappears from the phone as if not existed.

2.  Stealth mode feature – This is another interesting feature that comes with the premium version of vault apps. Any trace of the app can be erased by hiding its icon from appearing in the phone’s menu.

3.  Kill switch – This feature deletes all the personal data from the app instantly and imports the duplicates to the cloud server.

4.  Break-in-alert – A snap of any intruder trying to access your vault will be taken and stored in the phone.

5.  Decoy vault – This is a kind of fake vault that can be set up with upto 5 different passwords.

Security Features

1.  Password Manager – A set of many different passwords can be generated and stored within the password manager for use.

2.  App lock – Secure all your personal applications with passwords so that it is inaccessible for unauthorized users.

3.  Finger-print unlock – The print recognition technology providing maximum security for your data is an important feature in all latest mobile vault apps.

4.  Cloud storage – A phone vault not just hides pictures, videos and texts from someone’s eyes but stores and backs up all the personal data in the cloud servers.

5.  Automatic backup – The duplicates of your personal data are automatically uploaded to the cloud server after being imported to the vault.

Author Bio :

Powerline Vault – mobile privacy app is designed to hide pictures, texts, videos and call logs on your smartphone. It comes with advanced features including App Lock, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and more.


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