Most Disastrous Communication Mistakes in Relationships


Couples who have been in a successful relationship can attest that good communication is a secret weapon that helps them to remain together. For those who are still struggling and having many challenges in a relationship, it is crucial to consider the communication strategies that you have been using. If there are mistakes that you have been making, then it is time to make amends if you want to improve the relationship. The good news is that this article covers the most disastrous communication mistakes that could be strangling your relationship to death. Go through them to learn more.

Making Assumptions

This is one of the biggest mistakes couples can make. Assumptions come in different forms, but they are all dangerous. For instance, assuming that your partner is doing well at all times is very disastrous. Both of you should be in constant communication to know how the other is doing. Also, it is not healthy to assume things and making certain conclusions before you get to hear what your partner has to say about any challenging issue.

Being Judgmental

People who are always judgmental do not like communication. They prefer to conclude things through signs and clues. Although it is sometimes good to read between the lines in a relationship, you may be wrong in your judgments. A simple solution is to face your partner and have a conversation about the issue. Probably, the signs have been leading you to make the wrong judgments.

Waiting for Your Partner to Read Your Mind

Failure to express yourself to your partner is very detrimental. If you are expecting your partner to read your mind, then you are making a big mistake because she or he cannot do it. This is why most people who are looking for a partner on usually want someone who is open. So, if you are the kind of person who does not share your feelings, it is time to open up and communicate effectively.

Being Rude

One easy way to kill a relationship is being rude to your partner. It is better to bring up the issue that is disturbing you so that both of you can discuss it. When a solution is found, it will be easy to apologize and forgive each other. Being rude starts to push your partner away or force her or him to remain silent about problems. And this is a time bomb in a relationship.

Talking Too Much While Listening Too Little

The last communication mistake that will kill your relationship is this one. You have to learn to listen to your partner. Although it is good to talk, too much of it will bombard the other person and deny your partner enough time to talk to you. Let there be a balance so that all have an equal opportunity to express themselves.


If both of you have made these communication mistakes in the past, you probably know the harm they bring to a relationship. But before this happens, it is possible to work on the mistakes and make things right. You now have the insights to help you get over these issues.


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