All the Possible Fixes for Google Play Store and Play Services Errors


About 80% of the smartphone users are using Android and the rest of them are using iOS and Windows smartphones. So, due to the majority of Android users, we often came across frequently occurred errors in the Android phones. And most common of them are Google Play Store not working on their smartphones or they are having trouble with the google play services and many others. Today our core focus will be the resolution of most common errors of Google Play Store and Play Services that mostly heard or seen in Android community. So, let’s start by applying all the possible fixes to solve your problem.

Google Play Store Errors Solutions

We often claim that our Play Store is not working properly and we are stuck in this kind of error. We are not able to download any application from play store as it is not functioning properly. So here are some potential fixes to solve this error.

  • Check your date and time settings on your smartphone and set it to network date & time
  • Check your internet connection, whether it is working properly
  • Force close Google Play Store Application and relaunch it
  • You should try toggling Airplane mode on your Android phone, often it will solve your problem
  • Rebooting the Android device might help you to get rid of this common play store issue
  • Reset app preferences by navigating to Settings and then going to apps on your Android phone
  • You can also clear the Google Play Store App Cache
  • Clear Data of Google Play store application
  • If your Play Store application is not up to date, you should update it to the latest version available to tackle this problem
  • If it is already updated, then try uninstalling the updates of Play Store
  • If you are using any VPN service in your Android, try disabling that to work your phone properly
  • Factory Data Reset your Android device

Google Play Services Fixes

Google play services are the background services which keeps our Android running smoothly and suggesting all updates for our pre-installed applications. The services are consumed by the Android OS and they don’t have and user interface. We usually came across errors like play services has stopped working on our Android devices and we are stuck with this error and none of our applications are working properly due to this annoying error.

So here are all the possible fixes to cope with this error.

  • You should restart your Android phone, sometimes it works as all the services are restarted
  • Empty Cache of Play Services from going to Apps and Choosing Play Services and tapping on Clear Cache button
  • You should reinstall play services updates. You must uninstall previous updates and again install them on your Android Phone
  • You can try to solve this issue by Resetting All App preferences
  • Remove the associated Google accounts and Re-Add them. Now check if it’s working properly
  • Factory Data Reset your Android Phone
  • You can also try solving this issue by Clearing the Cache of Google services framework

So, these are all the possible fixes for the play store errors and paly services that we commonly face while using our Android Phone. Hope this guide will help you, people, to solve your problems. If you have any other tweaks to share, do share in the comment section below to help others.


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