Tansoc Co., Ltd Launches Latest Range of Industrial Grade & Innovative RFID Ceramic Tags For Using In Various Industries


China; 24, November 2017: The advent of smart, user-friendly technology has made life much more comfortable than it was in the days gone by. Innovative devices, smart gadgets and self-sustainable infrastructure power, shape and control the urban life to the extent that is enigmatic even to a tech-savvy individual. To shed some light on the subject, one can take an example of the role that modern radio technology plays both in the industrial and domestic scenes. The practical application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is immense and giving a particular example will be almost impossible since the technology is spread evenly, across all humanmade infrastructures and systems.

Tansoc Co., Ltd is a Chinese entity that was founded back in the year 2007 and is associated with the fabrication, designing and supply of RFID ceramic tags. They are an entity that caters to a wide range of sectors and has clients belonging to both the retail and manufacturing industry. They extend their services to not only their clientele overseas but also associate themselves with both small scale and large scale industries within the boundaries of China. The company is headquartered in the city of Putian, in the Mazugoddess province. They recently set up their fully automated manufacturing unit in the industrial sector of Shenzhen City.

The company believes in relaying best in class customer service and built their business as a leading China RFID cards supplier surrounding that idea. They are a customer-centric organization who delivers quality assured products with long operational life. The manufacturing unit of the company is equipped with state of the art machinery and automated equipment. They invested heavily to minimize product failure and rooted in autonomous manufacturing processes to eliminate manufacturing faults. The company has their R&D wing in the heart of Shenzhen City which is manned by a team of expert technicians and production engineers.

The team that oversees the Research and Development wing comprises of experienced individuals hailing from different sectors of the technical field. The team makes sure that their products are free from manufacturing faults. They are also responsible for conceptualizing new and innovative product ideas that make the company future proof. The R&D wing also works continuously towards the development of the current products for increasing their efficiency and performance. They are a dedicated lot who prioritize their clients and continually works towards making themselves one of the leading RFID solution supplier in the world.

About Tansoc Co., Ltd.:

Tansoc Co., Ltd is a Chinese company with its headquarters and R&D wing set up in the industrial sector of Shenzhen City. The entity fabricates, designs and supplies industrial grade, quality assured RFID security and tagging systems. Interested parties and prospective business partners are requested to visit the official website of the company mentioned above.

For Media Contact:
Person: Haley Lin
Company: Tansoc Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086-594-2618178
Email: sales@tansoc.com
Website: http://www.tansoc.com/


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