Tips for strengthening your immune system at the end of the summer


The immune system is made up of cells, organs and organ systems that enhance defense against the diseases. It is the one that helps to make us healthy and able to continue with our daily activities such as walking, jogging and running. For you to be strong and healthy, you must have a strong immune system that is made up many parts of your body. Our bodies always need to be replenished in order to achieve full immunity, especially after hours urgent care at the end of summer.

One of the tip to enhance strong immunity is eating right foods and in adequate amounts. This helps to boost your immunity by consumption of vegetables, fruits, and protein foods. This food contains nutrients that participate in the building of immunity and they include vitamin A, that is important in cell proliferation and growth, also it plays a role in the maintaining the integrity of the mucous lining and skin that acts as the first line of defense and inhibits entry of organism causing diseases in the body. After hours urgent care, good nutritional status is significant for boosting immunity in the body. It is influenced by the intake of essential nutrients in the body.

Avoid use of drugs and alcohol. They reduce your ability to fight diseases, for example, smoking has been shown by many studies to promote lung cancer and later resulting in disease and poor immunity. Alcohol reduces the food intake by interfering with appetite and also alters the metabolism of some essential nutrients in the body. These nutrients are needed to for manufacture and production of cells that are within the immune system. These cells are white blood cells and macrophages that destroy disease causing organisms.

Relieve stress. It can be achieved through workouts such as jogging, yoga, walking, and meditation. Exercises have been shown to promote the production of feel good hormones such endorphins and thereby, enhance a happy, healthy and productive life. Stress reduces the body immunity as have been demonstrated by various studies. Example stress reduces food intake thereby leading to wasting and thereby, causing weakened immunity. Socializing have been shown to reducing the levels of stress significantly.

Be on the look out. Seek for professional healthcare provider advice on the ways to boost your immunity. Avoid any kind of supplement or drug that is indicated to boost your immunity and always avoid self-prescriptions as they may negatively affect your health.


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