Urgent Care is helping medical weight loss


Urgent care facilities are beginning to play a key role in weight loss because of the massive problem that obesity has become in the United States. The Journal of American Medicine has reported that 33 percent of American adults are obese. Urgent care facilities like Urgent Care Davie are becoming the primary care for many people, so they have begun to dive deeper into the issue of weight loss.

Some urgent care facilities like Urgent Care Davie offer weight loss programs and patients can qualify if they meet a certain criteria such as having a BMI greater than 30 or greater than 27 with with a condition like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or high-cholesterol. Initial consults at Urgent Care Davie uncovers undiagnosed medical concerns such as thyroid problems, diabetes and even high cholesterol.
The doctor and patient will then discuss medication plans that include several medications that treat obesity, such as Phentermine, Orlistat and Lorcaserin. They can also provide Lipotonix injections. Doctors will also work in changing your behavior in regards to diet and exercise, which are a key part in losing weight. Changing the way you eat and exercise is essential to losing weight.
Patients will often schedule appointments with Urgent Care Davie every few weeks, until the original weight-loss goals are met. Patients and doctors will then schedule farther apart appointments as needed. Some programs at urgent care facilities work to help patients lose a few pounds each week and will schedule appointments for counseling and weigh-ins. Patients will then schedule monthly appointments as needed.
Urgent Care Davie doctors can take pride in helping patients lose weight and help them set a plan to keep the weight off in the future. Many insurance companies actually cover most or all of medical weight loss programs, most definitely if the patient has serious health issues related to their weight such as diabetes or heart disease.
When Urgent Care doctors help patients lose weight, it also affects many health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, in a positive way.
If you are serious about losing weight, than you may consider scheduling a consult with Urgent Care Davie, where they will work with you on creating and executing a plan to lose weight. The weight loss program will help you lose as much weight as you want. When you are ready, Urgent Care Davie doctors are ready to help you.


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